The Team

The ESB Swimming Team (or Brussels Octopus)

The swimming team of the European Schools of Brussels (Uccle,  Berkendael, Woluwé, Ixelles, and Laeken).

Established in 1984, it is open to all the pupils of the Schools who qualify for competitive swimming. We promote good sportsmanship, teamwork and healthy competition.
With more than 50 swimmers the ESB Swimming Team participates to the Championship of the EFSL, and competes with swimming teams throughout Europe.


Want to join the Club?

If you have questions, check out our FAQs, then if you would like to join the club please first request an account for the site, login and then complete the registration form linked here forms.png


Swim Team FAQs

lifebuoy.png Please consult these frequently asked questions about the swimming team :

  • How old do you have to be to swim with the team?
  • How well do you need to be able to swim in order to compete?
  • How much does it cost to be in the team?
  • What does the subscription include?
  • What is expected from my parents?
  • How often do I need to train?
  • Where can I train?
  • etc.


The European Forces Swim League is formed by swimming teams of the US Forces, Nato and European Union. They include young swimmers of the primary and secondary cycles of education. The EFSL is not competitive with, nor to draw participants away from, local competitive swim programmes such as national or regional championships.


History of the team

The Team was established in 1984, and the following year joined the ISST (International Schools Sports Tournament) Championship, competing with other international schools of Brussels.

In 1995 the Team went even more international and joined the EFSL. The majority of the competitions we participate in are organised in Northern Europe (Belgium, Netherland, Germany, the UK), but long-distance meets and finals are organised with a rotation principle in any European country where there is a Team affiliated to the EFSL. The EFSL Championship runs every year from August till February, but the ESB Swimming Team participates only to competitions from mid September on.
Early in September we organise a non-residential pre-competition intensive training scheme, running over two consecutive week-ends. This is essential for swimmers after the summer break, and includes also non-swimming activities.



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