CERIA Photos

Annual General Meeting

The meeting will take place tonight (27/09/2016) 19:00 @ the Ixelles School room Cervantes in Building B, 3rd floor.

We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions....

Goodbye and Hello

The ESB swimming team is looking to recruit lots of new swimmers aged 8-18 for the new season that starts in September 2015. 

We had a very successful 2014-15 season, and are sadly saying good-bye to a record number of seventh-year pupils who are completing their European Baccalaureate this year. 

If you’d like more information about joining the team, check out the FAQs on this site, or contact your CESAME swimming coach.

Good Luck to Arón, Baldovino, Emily, Eva, Gergö, Julia, Maxim, Patrick & Phillippe for their exams and further studies!

30th Anniversary photo album now available!

Following the very successful 30th anniversary party, we have now uploaded the photo album that was shown during the celebrations. Enjoy! (and thanks to Marco Lorenzoni for pulling it together)

Uccle School Fete

 Come and meet us at the Uccle School Fete this Saturday 25th April.

Team Swimmers, come and spend a little time on the stand to encourage new swimmers.

New Swimmers, come and find out what it means to swim with the team.

You will find us near the entrance of the School Canteen.

30th Anniversary Party

Thanks to everybody who came to help us celebrate our 30th Anniversary.

Some inspiring speeches from our VIP guests, delicious snacks and an exciting treasure hunt to finish.

Sophie & Julia N were the winners of the treasure hunt with the first completely correct answer.  Runners up were Team B: Aura, Roxane, Tyla, Team C Eliza & Britta & Team D Gabriel, Philip & Raphael. 

Congratulations to all who took part & braved the Brussels weather. The answers are attached.

Berlin Trip

Dans le cadre de l’anniversaire de ses 30ans d’existence, l’équipe de natation s’est déplacée début novembre 2014 à Berlin.
Ce fut l’occasion de rencontrer le swimteam de la John F Kennedy schule et American German community school.
Différents buts furent atteints :

Resultat du SHAPE du 18/10/14

Nous comptons déjà 11 qualifiés pour la finale! BRAVO!!!

Start of the Season Stage

La nouvelle saison de l'équipe commence par un stage les 6,7 et 13 Septembre à la VUB! Stage de mise en route car après deux mois de vacances, nos nageurs ont besoin de reprendre contact avec l'eau! Cela sera aussi l'occasion d'acceuillir de nouveaux nageurs!
Le stage de Septembre affiche complet!!!
A vos maillots!
Michael, ESB Head Coach